martes, 25 de noviembre de 2008

OpenSuse 11.0 plugin qt_pkg error

Sometime ago I downloaded the VM ware image of OPEN SUSE 11.0 that comes with MONO 2.0, but there were some annoying bugs with this version of MONO that was taking me crazy so as soon as the 2.0.1 version of MONO appeared, I wanted to upgrade to that version.

I launch the YAST2 application just to find that this application was not able to be started because it was missing the qt_pkg plugin. It was so annoying!!!!

After some research in google I finally found the solution in an Italian forum:

So, basically to make the story short if you are having this problem too, try this, it worked for me!

  1. open a shell terminal
  2. type : sudo zypper in yast2-qt-pkg yast2-qt
  3. Answer yes to the download question.
  4. Wait and lauch Yast2! Now it should work normally!

Really thanks to “Anubis” for the solution to this really annoying error!